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Your business needs a website? What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a web designer?

During this blog, I will look at websites and explore the questions you should be asking your web design company. Websites can be expensive, so I will hopefully help you choose the right company and avoid costly mistakes.

Will my website be Responsive?

In today’s world, websites are viewed on many different devices. No longer is the desktop computer the only option, mobiles and tablets are fast becoming more used to view websites. In fact Mobile usage to view websites has almost doubled over the last 4 years from 27% to over 52%! This number is expected to rise in future, so this is a very important factor to consider.

A Responsive Website means the content adjusts according to the device being used. The content can be the same or different, but most importantly the website must function perfectly on all devices. Google also takes this into consideration when providing search results for users. Google standards now require all websites to be mobile friendly. So if your website is not Responsive, you will certainly be missing out on vital traffic.

Will my website be secure?

Another very important factor to consider. Obviously no one wants their website hacked, but this is not the only reason to add security. In 2018, Google updated their algorithms to give priority to websites which are secure. Most websites start with ‘http://‘ but when you are using a secure website, the you will notice it becomes ‘https://‘. If your website is not secure, not only are you at risk from hackers but you could also be missing out on site traffic.

Will my website be found on Google?

Put simply, if your business are relies on site traffic then you must be found in Google search for your keyword. There are many things that affect your Google search ranking, see my other blog https://tygermedia.co.uk/improve-search-rankings-on-google/ for detailed info.  For the purpose of this discussion, you should be asking your designer if your website is Search Optimised. This means that your website has been put together in a way that Google can easily understand. If it is not, once again you will be missing out on site traffic.

Will my website have a blog?

You may not want a blog, after all, who wants to write thousands of words of content! However, a blog is a great way of communicating your expertise with your potential customers and providing great content for Google to help it rank your website in search. Blogs can be easily added, and once they are written, they can stay on your site, be updated at any time. I would say a blog is a must for any website, so ask your designer to add one to your website.

Will my website be a bespoke design?

There are many companies who offer drag and drop website builders for next to nothing, however they aren’t all they claim to be. Yes, they are fairly simple to use and you could build a reasonable website within a few days.  The problem is, they are rarely optimised for search, meaning you won’t be found on Google, and the templates are not as flexible as they may seem. I have tried out many of these and they tend to be very restrictive, so you end up with a website that you are not really happy with.

Another popular way to build websites is with WordPress. WordPress is a very popular and very powerful resource, however, this once again can have its limitations. WordPress uses Themes and these are fantastic as your site can be built and updated easily.  These Themes however can prove restrictive, leaving you once again with a design you are not 100% happy with.

Remember to ask your Web Design Company if the elements on your website will all be editable. Hopefully this will answer any concerns you have about your website, but we will happily answer any questions. Feel free to use the contact form on our page: https://tygermedia.co.uk/contact/

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